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What is the offer?

The offer is for those drylining operatives whose current CSCS card is expiring,  to upgrade to a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card and get a 20% discount on the full price for £995 + VAT.

If you are directly employed by a company or sub-contract for a company who is CITB Levy registered,  your company can claim upto £600 back from the  CITB Short-Period Qualification Grants making this offer an attractive £395 with the CITB grant claim back.

Why should I upgrade?

If your current CSCS card is expiring,  which means you need to upgrade to a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card in drylining.  This will include registration, paperwork, onsite assessment and NVQ Level 2 completion which will enable you to become qualified in drylining and invest in your future with a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card, which is valid for five years.

Who is eligible for this offer?

All those working in the drylining trade who currently hold a relevant CSCS card or those experienced dryliners who don’t have a card and wish to get a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card.

CITB will only pay out on the CITB Short-Period Qualification Grants if the operatives pass their assessment.  If the operative fails the assessment then they will not be able to recover the costs from CITB

Where will the training be done and by whom?

FIS has a nationwide network of Approved Training Providers that we will book you with once you have registered in taking up the offer.

Where can I go for further enquiries?

Email us at for any enquiries and more information.

Free of charge SPIT Pulsa tool user training

Free SPIT Pulsa tool user training maybe offered depending on group demand.  The training covers safety, usage and application on the SPIT Pulsa 800 tool and consumables, and awards the certified user card from the manufacturer. The training is not a legal obligation but is recognised in the industry and often required by main contractors. The training takes an additional 30 – 45 minutes.  Please make sure you tick your preference on the form.