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Construction Products Regulation – Change in designation of Economic Operators after Brexit
Thursday 15 February
Following Brexit, the role of some economic operators in the UK and on the Continent will change. Such change in designation will not be negated by the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. Read the document here.

Should the UK stay in a customs union with the EU?
Thursday 25 January
The Brexit Means… team look at the staying in the customs union and what we learned from Emmanuel Macron visit. Listen to the Podcast here.

Planning for Brexit: SMEs
Thursday 11 January
What the UK’s smaller businesses say they now need from Brexit negotiations. Read the CBI’s Business Voice here.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has released Brexit impact analysis
Thursday 11 January
Sadiq Khan urges ministers to turn negotiations around before it’s too late; a ‘no deal’ Hard Brexit could mean 482,000 fewer jobs in the UK, including 43,000 fewer jobs in construction. Read more and see the full report here.

A catch up on Brexit
Thursday 11 January
Listen to the latest podcast from Alex Davies and Christian Spence at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce as they chat with Oliver Norgrove, a vote leave staffer.

What next for Brexit in 2018?
Wednesday 10 January
Listen to the latest podcast that dives into the meat of Friday’s divorce agreement and unpicks what will be left after Christmas.

Construction and Related Engineering Sector Report
December 2017
The Brexit Committee published the Government’s Brexit sectoral analysis papers. Using CITB research, the construction paper highlights the value of the sector to the UK economy, and some of the characteristics of the industry (high numbers of SMEs etc). The paper also suggests that skills levels are already a concern, citing research that businesses are already struggling to recruit into vacancies. The full paper can be read here.

What can we learn from the latest Brexit deal?
Wednesday 13 December
Listen to the special edition podcast that dives into the meat of Friday’s divorce agreement and unpicks what will be left after Christmas.

Deal!….. Sorry not really
Thursday 7 December
Listen to the latest podcast from Alex Davies and Christian Spence at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce here.

Deal or no deal
Thursday 7 December
The European Union Committee has published its report Brexit: deal or no deal, outlining the potential impact on the UK of leaving the EU without a deal, and examining the feasibility of a transition period immediately post-Brexit. 

That cloud called Brexit
Wednesday 6 December
CBI President Paul Drechsler warns of a ‘no deal’ scenario and it’s potential impact on British business. Read more

What exactly went wrong during that crucial Brexit lunch?
Tuesday 5 December
Listen to the latest Brexit Means … podcast here.

Beyond Brexit Podcast series
Friday 1 December
Listen to the latest PwC podcast The EU Point of View here.

How might lower UK migration affect the UK economy after Brexit?
14 November 
Read the special feature in November’s edition of UK Economic Outlook from PwC here.

How Brexit may affect supply chains
Friday 1 September
European Shippers’ Council reported that supply chains during the first months after Brexit day are predicted to become unreliable. If the UK government does not manage to have a deal with the EU, it may affect the production and the stock of goods. James Hookham, of the UK Freight Transport Association, said that FTA is advising businesses “to make sure they are fully stocked up” for this period.
Read more

Guide to understanding the implications of a ‘Hard Brexit’
July 2017
The Construction Products Association has produced a 12-page document, read it here.

How Brexit will impact UK Procurement
Tuesday 25 July
Raconteur reports how Brexit is already hitting procurement and supply chains hard: 32% of UK businesses that use EU suppliers are looking for British replacements; 36% plan to respond to Brexit by beating down suppliers’ prices and 46% of European businesses expect to reduce their use of UK suppliers.
Read more

Podcast – Brexit negotiations really get going
Wednesday 19 July
Dan Roberts and Jennifer Rankin try to figure out what on earth is going on in this first round of Brexit negotiations, especially now that the UK appears in disarray, with the Conservative party riddled with infighting
Listen here

I’m beginning to think Brexit may never happen
Sunday 9 July
Brexit may never happen because of the difficulties it will cause, according to Sir Vince Cable, the next Lib Dem leader.
Read more

UK considers potential shortcut on trade deals post-Brexit
Sunday 2 July
Associate membership of European Free Trade Association could give UK access to trade deals while it negotiates its own.
Read more

Podcast – What can we expect as the Article 50 talks begin?
Monday 19 June
As Brexit negotiations get underway, the Guardian Brexit team discuss the first items on the agenda – and how the recent UK elections may affect the talks.
Listen here

Ten reasons why I’m voting to leave the EU
Eleven months after the EU Referendum, we look back at Dominic Frisby’s editorial in Capital & Conflict. Read his article here.

British Land cuts its debts
Wednesday 17 May
Today, The Evening Standard reports that Developer British Land is bracing itself for Brexit, slashing its debts amid caution over the potentially choppier waters ahead for the property market. Read the article here.

Impact of Brexit on late payments
Wednesday 10 May
In evidence of the potential impact Brexit could have on late payment problems, 9% of construction SMEs say they have already experienced an increase in late payments by their customers since the EU Referendum in June 2016. This comes as over a quarter (27%) expressed concern at the potential impact of Brexit negotiations on their business over the next 12 months, with a further over one in ten (13%) worried about currency fluctuations. The findings come from research commissioned by Crossflow Payments, the Fintech platform delivering supply chain finance solutions. Find out more on their website.

BMF comment
Friday 31 March
The Builders Merchants Federation is concerned that leaving the Customs Union without a comprehensive UK-EU free trade agreement will unsettle business confidence and planned investments, with severe consequences for the building materials’ supply chain. Read more.

Brexit – what the rest of the world thinks
Friday 31 March
In this special Raconteur report, Jessica McGreal brings us opinions from across the globe.

Brexit is coming. And it’s going to hit big.
Wednesday 29 March
Ian Bremmer of Eurasia Group writes on LinkedIn. In this Brexit series, professionals discuss how the business community should navigate the UK’s departure from the EU. See the stories here, then write your own using #Article50

Nine out of ten smaller businesses ‘don’t want indyref2’
Sunday 26 March
According to a survey conducted by Scottish-based accountancy firm, French Duncan, almost nine out of ten small and medium-sized businesses do not want a second independence referendum reports The Scotsman. French Duncan sought the views after Nicola Sturgeon’s decision to call for a second referendum. The accountancy firm had received 800 responses within 24 hours. Although French Duncan acknowledged that their survey was not a scientific study, it found that 88 per cent of those who responded did not want another independence poll. Read the article.

Scotland’s property and construction sector facing ‘critical period’ amid growing political uncertainty
Thursday 23 March
Scottish Construction Now reports that uncertainty brought by Brexit and the prospect of a second vote on Scottish independence could see property and construction firms lose vital contracts and international funding for future projects. Read the article.

Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘hard Brexit’ fears dismissed
Monday 20 March
The Scotsman reports that Nicola Sturgeon’s case for a second independence referendum on the basis of a so called ‘hard Brexit’ has been dismissed by former deputy SNP leader Jim Sillars who says the UK and EU will strike a free trade deal.
Read the article.

Brexit douses architects’ prospects
Friday 10 February
Construction Manager reports that according to a new RIBA survey, six out of 10 architects are seeing projects cancelled or stalled because of Brexit. Read more.

How a sharp fall in migration risks damaging the economy
Wednesday 7 December
The Independent features an article by Jonathan Portes, Research Fellow at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research with his analysis for the Oxford Review of Economic Policy/British Academy conference on the economics of Brexit. It indicates that Brexit-induced reductions in migration – just like Brexit-induced reductions in trade – are likely to be significant, and to have negative economic consequences. We will probably be poorer. Read the article here.

Draft CPA Guide to EU Regulations and Directives
Following the EU Referendum vote in June 2016, the CPA has drafted a guide to help members begin to understand the legal landscape of EU legislation relevant to construction products manufacturers and distributors.  This guide (a working draft) outlines two main subjects:

  1. The process of EU Legislation becoming UK law, including the types of legislation and their impact on the UK; and
  2. The regulations and directives affecting the UK, including climate change, emissions, energy use, H&S, and products.

To view the document, click here.

Why Britain must remain part of the European Single Market
Monday 17 October
Oxford Professor Ngaire Woods succinctly explains that the very essence of a trade deal is how much market you have to offer the other side, and that’s why Britain, as part of a European market of 500m is part of some very successful trade deals with more than 60 other countries. Watch the video here.

Tory Party Conference
Tuesday 4 October
Brexit Day during last week’s conference dominated the headlines. Alex Davies, Research Analyst at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce summarises the key facts in ‘Last Week in Brexit‘.

Enterprise Agility
Tuesday 13 September
Companies are learning to value adaptability and responsiveness in a post-Brexit era of risk and uncertainty. The need for agile methodology and leadership is greater than ever, but some businesses will find it easier to adapt than others. This report looks at how to seize the opportunities through flexibility and responding quicker to demand. Read the report here.

London firms want Mayor to play key Brexit role
Tuesday 13 September
Businesses want the city’s mayor to play a leading role in influencing Brexit negotiations, according to the latest CBI/CBRE London Business Survey, which was carried out between 28 June and 17 July 2016. Read the survey.

Housing market settles down post-Brexit
Thursday 8 September
Activity in the UK housing market has ‘settled down’ after a Brexit surprise, surveyors say, with sales and prices expected to rise in the coming months. Property sales in the aftermath of the referendum dropped sharply, but had now stabilised, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) said. Read the article here.

Waiting for Brexit – a note on contentions and biases
Monday 5 September
Penning numerous Brexit articles for FT and a book commisioned by Oxford University Press, David Allen Green shares his latest blog post here.

Brexit: The Leavocrats
Wednesday 31 August
Radio 4 aired a programme with Gus O’Donnell, the former head of the British Civil Service, who returns to Whitehall to find out how his ex-colleagues are gearing up to take on what’s been described as the Service’s greatest challenge since the Second World War – making Brexit happen. Listen via iPlayer here.

Build UK Members Less Confident After Brexit
Monday 22 August
Build UK issued a press release with the results of the second State of Trade survey for 2016, undertaken by Glenigan. Results of the survey show that whilst output from Build UK members rose before the EU referendum, there is uncertainty around future workloads following Brexit with labour supply remaining a cause for concern. Read the press release.

Brexit Strategy for Small Businesses
Tuesday 16 August
KPMG’s Small Business Accounting team have produced a short guide detailing how you can devise your strategy, get a plan in place and be clear on what you need to focus on in order to help your business succeed.

Brexit could be delayed to late-2019
Sunday 14 August
The Sunday Times newspaper reported British government ministers have warned senior figures in the City of London that Article 50 was unlikely to be triggered early in 2017 because the situation in government was “chaotic”, delaying the exit from the EU until at least late-2019. Theresa May, who campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU, has said she will not trigger Brexit talks this year as Britain needs time to prepare. Read more here.

Department for Exiting the European Union: senior management team
Friday 12 August
The Department today announced its senior management team. Permanent Secretary Oliver Robbins has overall responsibility for supporting the Secretary of State and the department in negotiations to leave the EU and establishing the future relationship between the UK and EU. Sarah Healey is the Director General of the department.

The EU Single Market: The Value of Membership versus Access to the UK
Wednesday 10 August
Institute for Fiscal Studies has produced this report, which aims to set out the main options and what is known about their likely economic and fiscal consequences. In particular, it will distinguish between those options that offer ‘membership’ of the Single Market from those that offer ‘access’ to it.

ICE President Sir John Armitt to lead new Brexit infrastructure group
Friday 5 August
Institution of Civil Engineers has announced the creation of a special leadership group to inform Brexit negotiators on the key risks, challenges and opportunities the infrastructure industry faces. Read the article and listen to podcast.

Post-Brexit aspirations from the construction industry
Wednesday 3 August
UK Construction Online addresses the immediate impact of Brexit with the release a free eBook. It looks at:
– The Government’s response
– How the construction industry will adjust to life outside the EU
– The availability of funding and skilled workers
Read the eBook.

What next for procurement post-Brexit?
Friday 29 July
NexTenders’ Blog addresses how the EU has had a fairly significant impact on public procurement in the UK, both in terms of regulation and practice. They look at what procurement post-Brexit might mean and what procurement professionals should be doing in response to the vote. Read the Blog.

CPA Forecast timings post-EU Referendum result
Friday 29 July
The CPA was due to have its Construction Industry Forecasting Panel on 19 July, with publication of the summer edition on 15 August. As they believed this to be too early to take into account the full impacts of the referendum result, the CPA has decided to instead produce a guide for companies. Read more.

“Business as usual” – Taylor Wimpey
Wednesday 27 July
In the wake of the Brexit vote, Taylor Wimpey has reported that it is “Business as usual”. The housing giant has been carefully analysing trading since the referendum decision on June 24, with current trading remaining in line with normal seasonal patterns. Read the article.

Latest survey indicates home ownership aspirations remain strong
Tuesday 26 July
The Council of Mortgage Lenders commissioned YouGov plc to undertake consumer research into tenure aspirations in the immediate aftermath of the EU Referendum. The research is the latest in a series, which shows that aspirations to home ownership have remained consistently strong. Read the article here

Skanska shrugs off Brexit fears
Friday 22 July
Construction Enquirer reports that Skanska state the EU referendum result has had “little impact” on its UK construction business, posting strong numbers for the first half of the year. Mike Putnam, Skanska UK’s President and CEO said: “Despite a tough contracting environment and with an uncertain future caused by the EU referendum, we have a strong order book and pipeline of work.” Read the article here.

Shaping Our Future – Key business principles for the UK-EU negotiation
21 July 2016
This document by CBI aims to assist Government in their approach to the negotiations outlining how to provide short-term clarity and reassurance for business, the principles the business community has agreed and the balances that will need to be considered in safeguarding the benefits of EU membership and respecting the vote of the public. In the weeks since the vote to leave, the CBI has consulted with over 500 of its members on their views. Opinions vary between businesses depending on how they interact with Europe, but there are some clear areas where Government and business can work together. Government should look to negotiate a new relationship with the EU along the following principles:

– Retaining the ease of UK-EU trade that businesses get from the single market
– Balancing regulatory equivalence with the EU with flexibility and influence over the domestic environment
– Ensuring the UK’s migration system allows companies to access the people and skills they need, while recognising public concerns
– Developing a clear strategy for international trade and economic agreements
– Protecting the economic and social benefits of EU funded projects

Read the document here.

First Brexit Briefing for FIS Members in London
20 July 2016
Neil Edwards, CEO at Builders’ Conference attended the meeting. The overall feeling is that of ‘uncertainty’. New construction orders were already in decline prior to the EU Referendum, down by 16% and a 20% decline on the same period in 2015. For an overview of the discussions, click here.

Options for the UK’s future trade relationship with the EU
Wednesday 20 July
Today’s third Brexit event by the Institute for Government on negotiating the UK’s future trade relationship with the EU provides an in-depth look at the options here or a simplified version here.

Legal opposition to Brexit in high court
Tuesday 19 July
Today, the high court will hear a legal challenge over whether parliament can set in motion article 50. Two senior judges, Sir Brian Leveson and Mr Justice Cranston, will hear the case brought by Deir Dos Santos, which claims the notification of withdrawal can only be given with the prior authorisation of the UK parliament and not, as the government argues, by royal prerogative.

Government – The new Cabinet
Friday 15 July
Following Wednesday’s appointment of Theresa May as Prime Minister, we now have a new Cabinet. See the full list here.

Carillion confident in post-Brexit world
Wednesday 6 July
The Construction Enquirer reports that Carillion is remaining upbeat about prospects for the year after Brexit with revenue and margins up in the first six months. In an upbeat half-year trading statement this morning, Carillion chief executive Richard Howson said the group was on track to deliver growth this year with 97% of targeted revenue in place for 2016. Read the article

What options must businesses consider now?
Sunday 3 July
Leading Business and Data Expert, Bernard Marr, writes on LinkedIn: “Very few people I know in business worldwide really expected this to happen, and therefore haven’t prepared for it or thought about what it might mean. What options and questions must we consider to prepare for the future?” Read the article

Vodafone among firms that may move HQs from post-Brexit UK
Wednesday 29 June
The Guardian online reports Vodafone has warned that it could move its head office from the UK if negotiations for a post-Brexit Britain do not result in freedom of movement for people, capital and goods. Other companies such as Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Legal & General, Eversheds, Visa, Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group all offer some insight as to their operations. Read the article

Brexit Q&A: mortgages, savings, the pound, flight delays – what will it mean for you?
Wednesday 29 June
Martin Lewis, Founder and Editor of provided a Q&A page on the website, which is also the lead article in his weekly Wednesday email to the 10M circulation list. Martin addresses questions on mortgages, savings, holiday money, flight delays, consumer rights and lots more. Read the article

Reasons to be cheerful – the Brexit dream scenario

Monday 27 June
John Longworth, Chairman of the Vote Leave Business Council and former director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce posed an interesting thought. Read the article

The Brexit debate is far from over: there will have to be a further vote
Friday 24 June
Dr James Strong is a Fellow in Foreign Policy Analysis and International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His blog post on the LSE website argues that four questions remain: whether to invoke Article 50, what mandate the Leave campaign possesses, what sort of exit deal Parliament will approve and what will happen if there is an early general election. Read the article