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As the FIS starts to review the proposals for reform of the building safety regulatory system consultation report published by The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) several things are rising to the fore, one is the importance of BIM.

This document was launched last week and outlines proposals on a new regulatory framework to implement the recommendations set out in the Hackitt Review.  Effectively this 192 page document sets out how Government plans to ensure that Grenfell won’t happen again and BIM is seen very much part of the mechanism to manage the flow of information (the much talked about Golden Thread), the document states:

“We propose that the information and data required must be stored in a digital format (stored and accessed through a computer or other electronic device) and have particular characteristics, which the government will define in more detail through guidance.”

And goes on to say that “Whilst we do not plan to mandate that particular software is used to store information as part of the golden thread, we may choose to mandate that the golden thread of building information complies with Building Information Modelling (BIM) standards”.

FIS is interested to gather your views on this consultation and is keeping how we need to adapt as a sector at the forefront of the work we are doing through our various working groups.

To access the full consultation and how to respond through the FIS click here

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