Our technical team at FIS are continuously working to provide guidance answer questions and look out for changes in legislation that could impact your business.

The work we do is varied as you will see from the presentation, this first video update includes:

  • Details of a new guide on repairing historic lath and plaster ceilings,
  • Understanding how products work together and integrate with other building systems especially where Fire walls are installed with services, doors, glazed partitions, this will be launched later in the summer.
  • Addressing a gap in training our teams to estimate or procure products including drylining, ceilings, infill SFS and glazed partitions.
  • Developing systems to evaluate acoustic performance and specifications for offsite manufactured meeting pods
  • Reducing risk in managing nominal or unresolved design details
  • Detail behind the first industry alert issued this year on the suitability of Smoke shafts, one not to miss!
  • Fire resistance of Glazed fire screens and the importance of insulation values
  • Update of our publication reviews
  • Details of our upcoming meetings and events including a free to attend meeting for drylining organisations on 30 May and the Ceilings and absorbers group on 5 June
  • More information on our Advisory service and answering your technical calls

Play the video below to hear from Jim and Joe

Technical Resources

You can access the full suite of FIS Tehcnical resources in our knowledge hub.