In accordance with the latest CLC recommendation regarding Industry Card Schemes, it is now mandatory for all cards bearing the CSCS logo for skilled occupations to be obtained through qualification. As of 30 June, Industry Accreditation cards will no longer be renewed, and all existing cards will expire on 31 December. The number of individuals holding Industry Accreditation cards has decreased to 25,000 from over 60,000, and CSCS has provided guidance on replacing Blue, Gold, or Black Industry Accreditation cards issued by the core scheme.

Companies need to determine the appropriate path for each worker to transition to the relevant card based on their occupation and qualifications. For workers requiring qualifications, plans should be put in place promptly. Currently, there are enhanced CITB grant rates for attaining specific S/NVQs when replacing Industry Accreditation cards. CSCS does not issue cards for non-construction roles, and individuals who do not regularly visit the site may not need a card.