This latest guidance from the Building Safety Regulator provides more information on expectations for managing the scenario where the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) has approved your building control approval application.  It focuses on how you:

  • make a change control application for major changes to the proposed work
  • tell BSR about notifiable changes

This guidance applies to higher risk buildings, but should also be considered useful guidance for managing changes to all regulated construction works.

It recommends that for each change, a brief description of the change and why you consider it to be a major or notifiable change is included in the information pack.

It is vital to advice the BSR:

  • why you are making the change, for example, change of design approach or availability of materials
  • all the advice you sought, even if it disagrees with your proposal
  • who gave the advice, their occupation and contact details
  • which documents the change affects

You can read the full guidance note on the Government website here.

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