In recent months FIS has been working with SFG20 to help improve access to guidance and support clients and facilities companies who need to maintain and manage Operable Walls.

Operating walls is commonly the responsibility of a member of staff or a maintenance crew and damage and undue wear can be caused through not fully understanding and following the operating procedure. Incorrect maintenance, such as applying grease to moving parts, can also create problems. A good service and maintenance regime, underwritten by a service agreement is therefore key to the wall’s serviceability and the welfare of those operating them. It is also a necessity to meet the requirements of any warranty and optimise service life.

In the summer FIS launched a new guide to the repair and maintenance of operable walls. To ensure that this guidance is circulated to the widest possible audience FIS met with SFG20 to look at how the two organisations could collaborate to share the information with the widest possible audience. The result is that the new guidance has been integrated into the scope of the SFG20 schedule for operable walls.

Originally launched in 1990, SFG20 is a subsidiary of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). SFG20 is a unique, mobile-enabled, maintenance system designed to support anyone who owns or manages facilities. Built around the maintenance industry’s standard, SFG20’s solution provides asset maintenance requirements in a simple and easily-digestible format, with a host of specialist tools available to support the application to assets as well as projective cost modelling.

Commenting on the collaboration, FIS Technical Director Joe Cilia stated:

“When you see the scope of content covered by SFG20 it gives a unique insight into the complexity of the FM world. It is great that we can collaborate with the team at SFG20 to ensure we aren’t producing information in a vacuum but making sure it is available and accessible to the people who have used it”.

Andi Connelly Horsley – SFG20 Technical Publications Lead, responded:

“FIS is an authority in this area and a critical source of information. We value our good working relationship with FIS and will continue to work together to help support the wider FM market in ensuring that their interior systems are maintained and managed appropriately”.

New content is now available in SFG20 maintenance schedule, 88-50 Operable Walls.

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