FIS member Construction Helpline has secured a contract to deliver a series of Department for Education funded Skills Bootcamps in drylining occupations, fixer, boarder and finisher to be delivered between 26 September and 31 March 2023. The Construction Helpline program involves pathways for unemployed and self-employed people located in London and Birmingham.

The objective of the unemployed pathway Skills Bootcamps is to introduce the individuals to drylining by the provision of six weeks training.  For this pathway Construction Helpline are looking for employers who are willing to provide a two week work trial for successful candidates (there is no cost to the employer), followed by an interview for a drylining vacancy for a minimum employment contract of 12 weeks.  If the candidate is taken on by the employer, the Skills Bootcamp includes a free level 2 vocational qualification registration with the NOCN Awarding Body and the necessary health and safety and CITB training for a CSCS card, which will be issued before the work trial.

The self-employed pathway is for labourer subbies wishing to upskill to level 2 dryliners.  This pathway is one week of training plus three practical training weekends and 2 theory Saturdays.  The pathway also includes level 2 vocational qualification registration with the NOCN Awarding Body.

Construction Helpline Skills Bootcamp Dry Lining Courses are scheduled for:

  1. Mon 26 Sep – Fri 4 Nov 2022
  2. Mon 7 Nov – Fri 16 Dec 2022
  3. Mon 9 Jan – Fri 17 Feb 2023
  4. Mon 20 Feb – Fri 31 Mar 2023

If you are an employer with drylining vacancies between Nov and May 2023 and you would like to support the Construction Helpline on delivering this programme please call Melissa Fileppi on 0207 199 9808 or email

If you would like to see more detailed information on curriculum and dates, please click here