A couple of weeks ago FIS sent the email message below to all members, to date CITB have received 19 replies.  Without the weight of employers behind it these changes will be shelved until legislation makes it happen.  As employer we prefer you to have control.

Following discussions with FIS Working Groups a request to change qualifications was submitted to the Standard Setting Body (SSB) for Construction.  In order to meet regulatory requirements, the SSB must show they have consulted on these proposed changes as widely as possible across all four home nations.  All of the changes proposed by FIS Working Groups are in a bid to keep people safe and are:

  1. Change the National Occupational Standards, Recommended Qualification Structure for Interior Systems level 2 by the addition of COSVR355 v3 Erect fire resisting walls and wall linings.  This will provide a fire protection qualification outcome for dryliners.
  2. Add a new National Occupational Standard for service, maintain and repair of operable partition wall systems, as an option.  It has been reported there have been accidents and near misses during these operations, the inclusion of this standard will provide a qualification route for individuals employed in this area.  For a copy of the proposed draft standard please contact George Swann on 07553 874838 or email georgeswann@thefis.org
  3. In response to the Grenfell inquiry and the work on competence, insert under ‘methods of work’ as a requirement of knowledge ‘how fire spreads through a building, how to impede it and protect people and the structure’ to COSVR125, 126, 127, 129, 130, 133, 618, 620, 769, 770 all contained I the Recommended Qualification Structure Interior Systems level 2.  By doing this the statement will cascade into all qualification outcomes (academic, trained and competence) derived from these standards thereby giving operatives the required knowledge.

If you agree with these changes, please copy and paste the following message and email it to Standards.qualifications@citb.co.uk with the subject header of Interior Systems NOS Changes:


This message is to show support for the changes requested via FIS Working Groups.

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If you disagree with these changes, please explain the reason for your disagreement by email using the address above.

If you have any concerns or need additional information or to discuss the above, please don’t hesitate to contact George Swann on 07553 874838 or email georgeswann@thefis.org Many thanks in anticipation.