The FIS AGM was held on the 19th November 2019 at St Georges Park, Staffordshire (read the minutes here)

In the Outgoing President’s address, Andrew Smith of OWA highlighted that the FIS was in sound financial shape with a little over £25,000 surplus generated in the year 2018.

In his speech Andrew remarked on the continued growth of the FIS, both in terms of membership and influence, particularly highlighting the FIS Product Process People approach to Quality and the FIS Competency SAKE Framework that are both being used to support the development of practical tools for members and starting to influence the wider market. He also used the new FIS Acoustic Verification Scheme as an example of how FIS works through the members to raise standards in the marketplace and actively help members to win work. He concluded by noting that healthy competition for Board places underpinned the growing levels of engagement that FIS was enjoying.

At the AGM, FIS Richard Grimes Grimes Finishings, was elected as a new contractor representative and both Jim Nania of Stortford Interiors and Philip Brown of Meronden were elected to return to the board for another two years. Lydia Sharples, Nevill Long and Stuart Roberts, CCF were also elected as new representatives for the supplier members.

Helen Tapper, Tapper Interiors was confirmed as incoming President at the event and in her opening speech set out the stall for her two year term. Helen intends to focus on continuing to grow the FIS whilst intensifying the fight for SME contractors and striving for greater inclusivity in our workforce. Helen also used the opportunity to announce the new FIS digital presence in the form of a new core FIS website and interiors platform linked to a new partnership with Barbour ABI and relaunch the revamped Fit out Futures Project, which has been extended now to June 2021.

At the meeting, Richard Jones of Paramount Interiors was confirmed as Vice President.