In line with the April 2018 change, The People’s Pension has confirmed that they will automatically increase the percentages for schemes that have been set up on the minimum contributions (1% employer, 1% employee and both based on ‘qualifying earnings’) and have just one worker group. This will ensure any communications sent to new members will comply with their increased minimum contributions.

If your scheme isn’t set up on the minimum contributions (eg different contribution rates, not based on qualifying earnings, with more than one worker group) then you will need to change the amounts manually in The People’s Pension Online Services. There will be more information available on how to make these changes in early 2018.

If your payroll software is assessing your workforce for you (and working out your contributions) you will need to speak to your payroll software provider to find out how they’ll make sure you remain compliant.

For more information, you can email your usual contact at The People’s Pension or the support team: